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WOW. Matt and I have some GOOD STUFF for the FINE PEOPLE attending HeroesCon. Maybe too good? I don’t know. I just don’t know.


The SEX CRIMINALS CON EXCLUSIVE HARDCOVER is the collection of issues #1-5 plus bonus material (it’s the TPB, but harder)! We’re only selling these at shows and there are very few at this show, so if you want one, come early! The ONLY time you should come early, FYI. They’re $40!

The SEX CRIMINALS PRINT is 18” by 24” on pretty paper, in limited quantities and signed by both Matt and I! Again, this edition will only be available at shows until they’re (gasp!) gone! They’re $20!

BRIMPER SHIRTS! Have interesting conversations with loved ones when they ask “what’s Brimper mean?” Also! A limited supply of your NEW shirt! Don’t want to be the Brimper? Be the BRIMPED in GREY. They’re $20!

And wait, what’s that? Holy shit it’s CUMWORLD BRAND HAND SANITIZER. Even if you’re NOT a fan of our book, you’re at a comic convention! You should probably get this. Especially since a bottle’s only $5!

In addition to these fine, fine products, I will be doing 6”x9” brush and ink with ink wash character* head illustrations on watercolour paper for $20 each! “But Chip,” you scream, “How can you do such things for so little money?” Well, it’s because I love you and I think it’s nice to be able to afford original art. “Then why isn’t it free?” you scream. Well, because the Ol’ Chipper is very much addicted to cocaine.

(*note! I will only be drawing characters because drawing your baby or your wife from a blurry wedding photo is incredibly time-consuming/stressful and I want to do drawings for as many people as possible! I’M SORRY.)

I will, as always, sign any items as “Stan Lee” for $5. All money from my Stan Lee signatures will be donated to the Hero Initiative.

And, also, there’s this!

12:30 pm
Room 208
Grab the kids and get them as far away from Room 208 as possible, because our most TV-MA moderator DOUG MERKLE will squirm around and blush as MATT FRACTION and CHIP ZDARSKY discuss their Image series SEX CRIMINALS. This may very well be the most popular series being published today. Stop by for an hour and find out why.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s opening “monologue” for Saturday Night Live 2012

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With his series “”, Belgian  Frieke Janssens focuses on the issue of smoking, drawing the viewers attention on the  aesthetics of smoke and the particular way smokers gesticulate with their hands and posture.